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Tax Planning Services

Tax planning is essential to saving money for business operations and to achieve personal financial goals.  While the tax system is designed to ensure that income is taxed, it has many significant deductions and exemptions, along with qualified business expenses, to allow an individual to reduce their tax liability and improve their business.  Knowing the tax rates, limits, deductions and qualified expenses is only half of the battle.  Taxes are due at the end of the business' calendar year, but we all know the business does not end on the last day of it's calendar year.  Understanding how to handle expenses and knowing special rules and exemptions can help businesses save or defer significant tax liabilities.  

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Tax Planning Service Costs


This service requires we look over last year's tax filings, and then we look over this year's financial statements, other sources of income and any significant.  We review the information, and give you guidance on how to help position yourself to maximize the benefits of the tax changes and reduce your personal and business' tax obligation.

*Prior year clients receive the first 1/2 hour free.