Bookkeeping Services

Benefits of Professionally Sourcing Bookkeeping Services


We provide customized services to ensure your accounting and financial systems keep pace with your unique business needs.

If your business does not have a bookkeeping staff or if your business is outgrowing its current bookkeeping system, we provide customized and efficient bookkeeping services to ensure the smooth operation of your business' financial side. 

Save Time. Bookkeeping can be time consuming. Data entry and reconciliation distract you and your team from focusing on supporting your customers and producing better products and services.  Our Bookkeeping staff have some of the highest entry and lowest error rates in the industry. 

Save Money. When you pay for only the Bookkeeping Services you need, you save money.  Our staff are encouraged to work with a sense of urgency, and reconcile your financial data quickly and efficiently.   

Accurate Information. Accuracy is essential for making the right business decisions.  Unreconciled accounts and inaccurate information can be costly to any business, and we provide the necessary checks and balances to make sure you know exactly where your company is financially.

Customized Bookkeeping Services. The needs of an Professional Service and the needs of a small manufacturing or small to mid-sized business are unique.  The options available to efficiently handle the accounting side of a business can be overwhelming.  Yet, there are products and services available that are customized, or can be customized, to perfectly fit any business.  Let us guide you to the services designed for your business.  Today's technologies can even allow some businesses to keep accurate and detailed records with just a cellphone and only a couple hours a month of bookkeeping services!  We look at your business' unique needs, and help you get the best services available to meet your financial needs.

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1st Accounting and Tax Services, LLC is located in Seattle, WA with easy access to the Greater Seattle Area. 

Bookkeeping Services 

- Affordable Flat Rates with bookkeeping and payroll services all included so you can easily budget the expense.